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Country overview

El Salvador is located in Central America with a population of nearly 7 million. It has the highest population density in the region with 289h per Km2. It is considered as one of the most vulnerable countries in the world with 95.4% of its population living in high risk areas according to World Bank.

Based on the Gini coefficient, it is the second most unequal country in Latin America. Official data from 2012 Statistics Council of El Salvador show that 34.5 % of salvadoran households live under the poverty line (less than $2 per day per person). 8.9 percent are extremely poor (less than $1 per day). The rural area scenario is worse where  43.3 percent are poor and 13.6% are extremely poor.

El Salvador still remains as one of the most violent countries in the world. Violence indicators for 2011 show that 156/100,000 adolescents die compared to the “acceptable” international average of 10/100,000; and although a legal framework in favor of children was launched in 2009, the efforts are not enough.

Country Office

El Salvador Country Office is located in the capital city of San Salvador. There is over 50 staff.

Save the Children has been present in El Salvador since 1979 and has implemented programs in the poorest areas of the country especially focusing on health and nutrition, basic education, early childhood care and development (ECCD), protection, livelihoods, disaster risk reduction and humanitarian response.

All program strategies are developed in close coordination with local and national governments, partners and communities thus strengthening their capacity with Save the Children providing technical assistance and carrying out advocacy efforts.

Programs are mainly financed by the traditional sponsorship system (one to one) as well as different external donors (public and private).